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Click links on the right to see draft texts; if possible, adapt them or write something original as personal letters have more impact.

  • no need to include “Dear …” – this is added automatically
  • be polite
  • keep it short
  • say if you work in the sex industry yourself or someone you care for is a sex worker, if you work for a health or support service for sex workers, if you’re an academic or other expert on sex work or a related topic, or if you are simply someone who recognises that people in the sex industry deserve fair treatment, equal protection of the law and respect for our consent to sex – and that discrimination against women on the grounds they sell sex promotes discrimination against all women whose sexual activity meets with disapproval
  • say what you’re asking for. We suggest you ask them to support the “New Zealand model” of full decriminalisation, equal rights and respect for the individual’s right to consent to sex.
  • keep people in the sex industry safe – don’t include identifying information that could put people at risk, but state your/their gender if you feel comfortable doing so
  • ask them to reply and say that this will affect your vote

If you have any information about PPC’s views on the sex industry, including replies received to emails sent through this site, please let us know so we can provide more accurate information and campaign more effectively for evidence-based policy that respects our right to consent to sex. Please complete the feedback form or email us at respect@ourconsentcounts.uk

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Labour Leader Ed Milliband, Shadow Home Secretary, Yvette Cooper, and Labour’s Shadow Home Office Minister for Preventing Violence Against Women and Girls, Seema Malhotra, made time to meet with campaigners for criminalisation of your consent, including some women who describe themselves as “survivors of prostitution”. We want these politicians to hear from as many sex workers and others who respect our consent to sex as possible. Your email will automatically be copied to them unless you UNTICK this box.

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Draft Letters

copy1 Draft sex worker template letter
copy1 Draft family and friend template letter
copy1 Draft health and support service worker template letter.
copy1 Draft academic template letter
copy1 Draft general ally template letter .


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