We recommend you do not give information that could be used to identify you, particularly if you are working illegally (on street more than four times a year or indoors with other people). Be especially careful if you are willing to allow us to publish your letter.

We offer several ways to manage your privacy.  You choose whether to include an email address in your letter to PPCs
if we may publish your letter
if we may keep your email address.

At present, OurConsentCounts is able to contact PPCs by email or by Twitter. (If future resources allow, we will also contact them by Facebook where other methods are not possible.) For PPCs we can contact only via Twitter we forward letters by Tweeting @[PPC’s username] a URL that shows each letter sent to them. This means if you seek to contact PPCs who do not give an email address but do have a Twitter username, your letter would be publicly visible, linked from our Twitter account, tagged with the PPC’s Twitter username and would be indexed by search engines. To enable sending of your letter to the PPC by twitter you have to consent to your email being published.  If you don’t consent to the email being made public, then the email will only be sent to those PPCs with an email account.

 If you do not want PPCs to have your email address, do not give an email address in the “From Email Address” field.

If you do allow PPCs to have your email address, it will not be published on our site.

If you allow us to publish your letter, it will be stored on our servers and, with your chosen name, may be published. Your email address (if provided) will not be shown.

All letters sent via this site are stored temporarily on our server and may be viewed by OurConsentCounts volunteers (e.g., to prevent the site being used for spam). We retain letters we have been given permission to publish; all others are deleted from our servers after they are sent to PPCs.

OurConsentCounts records who contacted which PPCs by email address used (if given). This may be used to resolve issues with, e.g.,transmission or abuse. Your IP address will not be associated with your email address. OR Your IP address will not be recorded.


Like all/most websites, this site uses cookies: we count the number of unique visitors and keep your status as you progress through the site. If you don’t like cookies, delete them after you leave this site.

The purpose of this site is to enable people in the sex industry and those who care about our equal rights to contact PPCs safely and easily. We bear no obligation to protect the privacy of anyone who abuses this site by trying to use it to promote disrespect for our right to consent to sex or any other criminalisation or coercion of people in the sex industry.