Our Consent Counts when legislating on sexwork by veronique

I cannot believe that in the 21st century we are still debating if paid sex should be made legal or not!
We all love money and we all love making it. You as our government body like to get money in form of tax. We also love sex and everyone likes to express himself sexually in a different way. So when both sex and money are so good, why not combining it?! Money is legal and fucking is legal, why not making fucking for money legal for good sake and earning a lot of tax on it?!
I get tired of all those ‘moral’ aspects! If a man has a healthy sex life with various partners, he is considered a male hero within his male audience. If a woman has a lot of sex with various partners, regardless of the money aspect, she is stamped as a whore. Where are the equal rights there?! Is this not our basic human right to do whatever we want to do with our own bodies, for as long as no harm has been exposed to anyone?!
Stop the prejudice that all sex workers are pimped, are drug addicted and have no other prospects in life. I despise drugs. I am much more intelligent and higher educated than the UK female average and I am not forced by anyone to anything. I am not exploited and have never been abused by anyone neither physically nor mentally. I lead a life style that suits me most and I am a very happy woman! I cannot bear the thought that some narrow minded politicians could forbid me my life-style! Is my life choice not my basic human right!??
My suggestion: Stop debating, legalise everything, even sex sold at the brothels and on the street. Those women on the streets and in brothels are most vulnerable to criminals and if you legalise prostitution, you will allow more transparency and a lot of sex slaves will be saved. Forbid it and those poor women will be lost forever and that will go on your accounts!
Not every sex worker is a victim but those who are, need your help! Make it legal and do something good to our society! God bless you!

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