Our Consent Counts when legislating on sexwork by Susannah

Having worked within the ‘adult entertainment’ industry for several years I find it astonishing that it may become a crime for an individual to pay for sex. For so many years prostitution, escorting etc has been frowned upon but take a deeper look within the industry and many people may be enlightened. Yes there is the terrible side of it with drug/people traffickers and pimps who are selling girls for just a few pounds – and this should be stopped. But look at the other end of the scale where there are ladies out there who are really providing a ‘counselling’ service to many men whose wives shun their sexual advances or ‘responsible’ men who dont want to leave a family unit for financial/child reasons. Many of these men are craving love and affection but because of the aforementioned reasons have to look elsewhere as they dont want to start ‘affairs’ and the turmoil that brings – both emotional and financial. So to make these men ‘criminals’ would surely be a travesty. I would honestly say that up to 80% of an escorts clients fit into this category so I sincerely hope that politicians will think carefully before they act!!!!!!!!
One could also say that other clients using the services of an escort may otherwise become so sexually frustrated that they may potentially attack a woman – surely another reason to think carefully before a ruling.

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