Our Consent Counts when legislating on sexwork by James Hale

It has always been a fundamental right for a man to seek the company of a women for a simple sexual relationship. It is the oldest profession, as we all know. Yes of course, like may other industries, there are problems but to make it a criminal offence is ridiculous. Man since the start of time has a simple basic need of sex and their partner or wife does not have that need and therefore does not necessarily provide what a man requires. Hence, there is a sex industry in every country which has always been the case since Adam and Eve. Prohibition of alcohol in the US shows that there is only one winner when you criminalise something – the mafia or organised crime. The reason is that they do not care if something is illegal and their decision making is simply based around making as much money as possible with nothing or no one getting in there way.

What needs to be done is a simple research of all of the escort agency websites within the UK as to whether it is a genuine agency or are they run by overseas organised crime syndicates. If the later (all the lower priced escort agencies are your first port of call as this must be trafficked girls or were trafficked in the past or have a pimp). Its not rocket science …..

In London, there are some great professionally run and above the board escort agencies, some of which who are:


These agencies mainly have English girls who do moonlighting in order to allow them a greater quality of life and to also study and succeed with masters / post graduate degrees as well as have nicer holidays, save for flat deposits.

The truth is that all of the high end agencies provide a great time for the escort as well as client. You only have to speak to a few of them to understand that they have a different outlook to sex. Some of the are bi-sexual and see nothing at all wrong in providing sexual services to men, couples or a duo with another female.

All the agencies are very careful in vetting the client, and some (your companion models) even have dedicated security in order to provide another layer of protection for both consenting parties. All escort IDs are checked physically (i.e. so they are not trafficked) as well as a copy being retained for their records.

On the whole if you criminalise sex then many innocent people will be breaking the law. Top business people, lawyers, accountants, Doctors and probably even judges and Politicians are amongst the clients of many agencies.

What about the kids that are dying making the massive quantities of shoes we wear every day .. the giant retailers are exploiting kids on a daily basis and yet Politicians turn a blind eye as maybe they will be given a Non-Executive Director role with that company at very lucrative pay when they leave office.

As ever the irony of life !!

The UK Government need to stop now turning the UK into a State (it is rapidly becoming such) and make an effort to shut down the lower priced escorts agencies (any hourly rate at or below £200) that are clearly exploiting trafficked girls. This would then greatly reduce any exploitation, violence and problems being experienced within the organised crime escort agencies.

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