Our Consent Counts when legislating on sexwork by Belle Helle

I write because I am aware of the will of someone to criminalize paid sex.

I am a professional dominatrix and I would like to remind to to these people that I work honestly, I pay taxes, I do only good to my customers and clients and help to run the economy.

For this I have the same right of all workers to be respected as a worker and to be protected by law. If some law passed against my profession, I could not do anything but hide myself to continue my job, with all the risks that this would entail, as I am not certainly willing to change job; because I like it, because I’m good at what I do, because it was and it is my dream.

I moved from Italy to this, and now, after so many years, I’ll be however here, however things to go. I, like many of my colleagues. and all we vote. and also our vote counts.

I would suggest that you join the New Zealand model for the complete decriminalization, equal rights and respect for my work and for me like worker.

Courtesy ask you a short answer.

Kind regards

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