Andrew Slaughter is the incumbent Labour MP, and seems to have bought into the the false evidence produced by those against prostitution, and has not looked at the academic, peer reviewed evidence produced by many of our universities. He believes the Swedish Model has been a success in reducing trafficking,and in reducing street work.  He ignores that fact that there is no evidence that trafficking and prostitution has been reduced. He ignores the harm which occurs to us from these laws with greater stigma.  The Swedish Model is not designed to protect us, but make our lives harder.  He appears to have supported the criminalisation of our clients by the attempted inclusion of a clause in the slavery bill.

He appears to be against brothels where we can work in safety.  Yes he is aware the current laws are bad, but is pushing for further criminalisation of brothel owners, and doesn’t acknowledge that the current laws harm us because we can’t report violence against us by criminals because we lose our work place when we report to the police.

He in not knowledgeable about the law on prostitution, believing France had enacted the Swedish model.  It was thrown out by the Senate, who consulted with French sex workers and decided the Swedish model was dangerous to us and threw the legislation out.

He talks of evidence from Ipswich, but ignores the success of policies from cities such as Liverpool where the treatment of crimes against us is taken seriously and are called hate crimes

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