Take Action

The General Election was won by the Conservatives. Their policy on sex work is harm reduction. It is unlikely much will happen during their term in office. Recently Corbyn has taken over the leadership of the Labour party.  It is believed he is supportive of sex worker rights, though he did not mention this in his manifesto.

Recently Scotland MSP Jean Urquhart has proposed a sex worker decriminalisation bill for Scotland.  We will see how that turns out.  She is running a fact finding exercise until December 1st. If she gets this through the Scottish assembly, then we may see change in England and Wales.

Northern Ireland criminalised the purchase of sex, this law went into force on June 1st 2015.   Laura Lee has started proceedings against the Northern Ireland Government.  The Republic of Ireland has said it will criminalise clients, this has been decided by the cabinet.

Amnesty International has also came down on the side of decriminalisation.  So we have another great ally.

This site will be updated shortly as a platform to contact your local MP.  Existing information from the last election is still available on the site.